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Business Operations Apprentice:


  • Mathematics/Engineering Background (Professional background not required just proof of systems building)
  • If prior military – Provide GT score from ASVAB (Must be above 125)
  • If not, this test will be administered –
  • Membership to Mensa huge bonus
  • Qualifying IQ test also a bonus (IQ test needs to reflect a strong engineering ability)
  • Strong work ethic


  • Knowledge of legal processes (Ability to learn legal processes)
  • Computer programming
  • Day trading
  • Financial modeling
  • Military is desired for leadership skills and an emphasis on – combat arms, special operations, field communications, EOD, Counter Intel, HUMINT, Linguists, combat engineer, experience on a PIT/MIT team, qualifying leadership schools (Ranger, Squad Leaders, OCS, etc.), Instructor at qualifying leadership schools

RE Background

  • Little to none preferred (Exception for anyone who has worked for a REIT or large RE company)
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Video bio

Marketing Apprentice:

The main goal of the apprentice will be to expand the podcast to reach the largest possible audience. Growing the podcast broadens our network, which increases both deal flow (boosting credibility) & capital raising (boosting visibility) capability. This apprentice will be responsible for defining and executing on a specific social media marketing & SEO strategy. Duties will include cultivating a loyal following on FB, BiggerPockets, YouTube, etc.

The apprentice will provide relevant content daily while tracking metrics and retargeting custom audiences to build a larger following. A recent bachelor’s degree in marketing is preferred, but not necessary. The candidate must possess a solid understanding of the social media universe.

This individual will also handle periodic administrative tasks that arise.


  • Social Media Marketing background
    • Some on the job training OK, but can’t learn everything on the job
  • Experience leveraging the power of the FB retargeting pixel
  • Experience posting ads on FB
  • Already has a rich personal social media platform
    • The transition from personal branding to corporate branding would be more seamless…
  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Working across FB, BiggerPockets, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Content Spinning – ability to make posts original…
  • We will only purchase parks in towns/cities that have multiple employment opportunities (no “one employer” towns).
business marketing plan

Acquisitions Apprentice

Responsibilities: As part of the Capital & Acquisitions Team you will support multiple deals through their entire acquisition lifecycle. This includes leading prospecting efforts, initial underwriting, creating marketing packages, due diligence support, procuring financing, etc.

  • Manage our prospecting efforts (direct mail, cold calling, broker support, etc)
  • Source and underwrite potential acquisitions, considering all comparable properties and developing initial business plans for rents, capital improvements, and operational changes.
  • Negotiate directly with sellers and brokers to secure acquisitions on best possible terms. Leverage strong relationships to get market intelligence
  • Develop detailed business plans, laying out the compelling story behind the deal and presenting objective, thorough, and concise information to the investment committee for its approval.
  • Contribute to all due diligence efforts, including document review and coordination with third party vendors.
  • Work directly with senior executives to continually refine investment strategy.
  • Work with financing team to source, quote, and place project-level financing.
  • Provide leadership to help build and develop analysts and associates on the acquisitions team.
  • Support the interactions with institutional counterparties, including borrowers, lenders, sellers and equity capital partners.
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