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PHX Build-to-Rent Fund 4 Overview


Our mission is to help you generate cash flow and legacy wealth through commercial real estate investing.

We invest in niche market segments which are currently cutting edge, out of favor, inefficient, or those which have less competition. We currently see opportunities in Build-to-Rent (BTR) assets in the Phoenix, AZ MSA. Real wealth g rows over time through efficient management of capital, buying right, and investing for the long term. These are the guiding principles for our team, and this philosophy helps us build legacy wealth alongside you and your family.

In Phoenix Build-to-Rent Fund 4, we will provide Class A, top of the line townhome communities to Millennial and Gen Z professionals — the largest demographic of renters in the nation. The company specifically targets areas that appeal to the sensibilities, needs and demographics of our target market, providing low-turnover for lifetime cashflow and the best risk-adjusted returns in real estate.

Investment Strategy


The Fund’s investment strategy is to capitalize on this opportunity by participating in build-to-rent townhome projects in neighborhoods where there is not enough housing supply to meet growing demand. The Fund seeks to operate build-to-rent communities with the aim to create both income and equity growth. 


Multifamily demand has driven up market pricing for already-built assets, resulting in lower investment returns. However, projected returns for developments are in line with historical averages. Today, build-to-rent assets are expected to produce the highest risk- adjusted return of any property type.

Important Information and Disclaimers 

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A. As used herein, the term “Sunrise Capital Investors,” or “Sunrise” refers to the umbrella brand of real estate investments sponsored by SCI PHX Build-to-Rent Fund 4 LLC and/or its affiliates. Accepted investors will be investing in SCI PHX Build-to-Rent Fund 4 LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (the “Fund”) and the assets of the Fund will vary from those of Sunrise.

B. All references, if any, to net investment returns reflect returns on an investment-by-investment basis. There can be no assurance that unrealized investments will be realized at the valuations used to calculate the net investment returns contained herein and transaction costs connected with such realizations remain unknown and, therefore, are not factored into the calculations.

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