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SCI Growth & Income Fund 4 invests in Mobile Home Parks and Parking Lot Facilities

Mobile Home Parks

“Trailer parks are the best real estate investment that has ever existed. They have a decent yield, high barriers to entry, solid demographics, a tenant base that remains with you for life, and tiny capex requirements.”

– Sam Zell, Forbes 400 Member

Parking Lot Facilities

“There is embedded demand in this sector, which we believe will provide continued growth opportunities for the foreseeable future.”

– Sam Zell, Forbes 400 Member

The Opportunity

Our mission is to help you generate cash flow and legacy wealth through commercial real estate investing.At Sunrise, we work hard for our money, and we know you do too. Capital protection is key to building legacy wealth.


Real wealth doesn’t happen overnight by taking outsized risk in an effort to generate lofty returns. Real wealth grows over time through efficient management of capital, buying right, and investing for the long term. These are the guiding principles for our team, and this philosophy helps us build legacy wealth alongside you and your family

Note: This 506(c) fund is for ACCREDITED Investors only.

Fund 4's First Asset

It’s Our Biggest Deal Ever: $5.4MM Sweat Equity Day One!

Ridgebrook Hills Mobile Home Park is an institutional-grade, 784-unit park in Fort Wayne, IN, that will have an immediate $5.4 in equity when we close on it as our first asset in SCI Growth & Income Fund 4
Note: This 506(c) fund is for ACCREDITED Investors only.

Investment Strategy

SCI will continue to acquire top-tier Parking Lot Facilities and Mobile Home Park Assets in its effort to consolidate two highly fragmented industries

1. Acquire

We seek to acquire each property at a discount to its intrinsic value, providing investors with a comfortable margin of safety.

2. Add Value

SCI improves operations to increase the cash flow and add value to the property.

3. Cash Flow

Since all properties are cash flowing, SCI allows favorable long-term economics to serve as a tailwind and help build legacy wealth over time.

4. Distributions

Distributions from cash flow are provided quarterly for investors until each asset is sold and the final return is distributed

The Fund’s strategy is to invest in niche market segments which are currently out of favor, inefficient and in which there is less competition. We currently see opportunities in mobile home parks and parking assets. Our strategy for parking assets is similar to our mobile home park strategy in that we acquire properties, improve operations, cash flow, and provide distributions to our partners.

The Company specifically targets low-risk, cash-flowing assets that generate capital preservation, immediate income, and equity growth through repositioning and increasing the net operating income.

Note: This 506(c) fund is for ACCREDITED Investors only.

Featured Assets

Massive margin of safety, with appraised values $33mm+ above purchase price

Fund 4 Mobile Home Asset

Lakeridge Estates Mobile Home Park
Huntsville, OH
Our latest venture in Central Ohio, the Lakeridge mobile home community is delivering an immediate $1.5 million in instant equity, equivalent to an impressive 29% return on equity to Fund 4 investors from the outset. This exceptional opportunity underscores our commitment to identifying and capitalizing on undervalued assets to generate immediate value for our investors.

Fund 4 Mobile Home Asset

Ridgebrook Hills Mobile Home Community
Fort Wayne, IN
The Ridgebrook Hills mobile home community in Fort Wayne, Indiana, stands out as a prime investment for several compelling reasons. Upon acquisition, Sunrise Capital Investors (SCI) created an impressive $5.4 million in instant equity, translating to an immediate 20% return on equity for investors. This significant financial uplift showcases SCI’s ability to identify and capitalize on undervalued assets, ensuring immediate value creation.

Fund 3 Mobile Home Asset

Illinois MHP Portfolio
Northern, IL

Acquired with a nice margin of safety, the assets appraised significantly above the purchase price at acquisition (by several million dollars). Sourced via long-term relationship and negotiated direct-to-owner, these properties currently charge 29% below market rents. Per the appraisal, these assets have a stabilized value over $23mm. This property epitomizes our traditional light value-add transaction, and implementation of the business model will drive further value for Fund 3 investors during the holding period.

Fund 3 Parking Asset

Luhrs Parking Garage
Phoenix, AZ
Luhrs Parking Garage is institutional grade, Class A property located within a 3-minute walk from the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks stadiums. Sunrise negotiated and purchased a high-quality, stabilized asset, at well-below replacement cost, in one of the hottest markets in the nation. We intend to buy, improve, and hold the Luhrs Parking Garage for decades to come. After optimizing rates and improving operational efficiency, we expect to significantly increase the NOI and overall value of the property.
Note: This 506(c) fund is for ACCREDITED Investors only.

Our Competitive Advantages


Hundreds of off-market Mobile Home Parks are underperforming and falling into disrepair across the U.S. – unable to provide tenants an optimal living experience.


With our expertise, determined scouting and relationships – we’re able to locate these properties, purchase them directly from their owners, and add tremendous value for tenants – and major upside and cashflow for our investors.


More and more vibrant urban areas and popular tourist spots are becoming highly attractive, ‘go to’ destinations. As such – the need for safe clean parking facilities is dramatically increasing.


We watch urban trends like a hawk to acquire the under performing parking facilities in high-performances nationwide. We implement our state of the art systems and process to significantly increase value and provide outstanding equity to our investors.


Single-family residences have become forbiddingly expensive – and that’s assuming a prospective homeowner can even find a place that meets their needs in their market.


We’re utilizing the advantages of Mobile Home Parks to provide affordable, accessible housing for those who need it. When we purchase mom and pop owned MHP’s in attractive markets, we’re able to add major value to attract those needing to downsize. Since many municipalities are forbidding new construction of MHP’s – the supply is deliberately constricted (kept low), while the demand skyrockets.
Note: This 506(c) fund is for ACCREDITED Investors only.

Meet Our Expert Leadership Team

Brian Spear

Brian Spear currently handles investor relations, marketing, and regulatory compliance for SCI. A Co-Manager in multiple mobile home park investment funds, Mr. Spear has an extensive background in market evaluation, property analysis, acquisitions and management. To improve deal flow, Mr. Spear systematized the process to build and track relationships with mobile home park brokers nationwide. Prior to joining SCI, Mr. Spear travelled throughout the country to perform audits for multinational telecommunications companies.

Kevin Bupp

Kevin Bupp leads the strategic vision of SCI. As host of two top-ranked real estate investing podcasts, his real estate investment advice has been downloaded millions of times by folks in over 190 countries. A Co-Manager of multiple investment funds, Mr. Bupp has over $250 million of real estate transactions under his belt. His extensive investment experience spans the gamut of apartment buildings, single-family homes, office buildings, parking facilities, raw land, condos, and mobile home parks. 

Todd DeLeon


Todd’s  passion for Property Management especially in the Mobile Home sector led Todd to become the President of Operations/Asset Manager for Sunrise Communities in early January 2024. His responsibilities have been significant, with him managing up to $800 million in annual revenue during his tenure. In the Manufacture Home sector, Todd has managed assets of 20,000 sites across 19 states. Over the past 25+ years, Todd has built a diverse career with renowned industry names like Brunswick, Hollywood Entertainment, 7-Eleven, and Havenpark Communities

Sam Simonian

Sam Simonian brings over two decades of real estate experience and passion to the Sunrise team, having guided three real estate private equity family of funds from inception to $375M in AUM, including the grand prize winner of the Forbes Top U.S. Opportunity Zone Fund. In his past roles as CFO and COO, Sam spearheaded innumerable business growth and improvement initiatives, leading cross-functional teams to deliver data-driven, truly transformational, results. 

Note: This 506(c) fund is for ACCREDITED Investors only.

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Note: This 506(c) fund is for ACCREDITED Investors only.

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