Sunrise Capital Investors executes a niche acquisition strategy that specifically targets low-risk, cash flowing assets that generate capital preservation, immediate income, and equity growth through repositioning and increasing the net operating income.


Your Investment Process

You Invest

Invest as little as $100,000 in our newest fund that focuses on the ground floor opportunities available through passive investing in Build-To-Rent residential real estate.

We Get to Work

While you relax, our team puts your money to work. Stabilizing and renovating properties, and capturing upside – all without you lifting a finger.

You Generate Passive Income

Collect quarterly distributions generated through income and appreciation.

Our Management Process

Acquire Properties

We purchase investment assets already generating revenue from rents but show higher return potential through our strategic improvement and add-value processes.

Add Value

We make value-add improvements to increase the cash flow. This immediately increases the property’s value as well as the rents.

Cash Flow

Since all properties are cash flowing, we hold the assets. Favorable long-term economics serve as a tailwind and help build legacy wealth over time.

Provide Distributions

Investors receive consistent quarterly cash flow distributions as well as periodic lump-sum distributions from refinance proceeds.

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