Our core competency is buying off-market deals directly from mom-and-pop owners with no broker involved

“We don’t buy markets. We buy deals.”

Sam Zell

Our lead principal has been going direct to owner to buy properties for more than twenty years: sending out hundreds of thousands of pieces of direct mail over time, making tens of thousands of phone calls and utilizing very unique marketing tactics to target asset owners and create off-market deals. 

When we say off-market, we really mean it. Over 85% of our deals have been acquired without a broker involved. Many sponsors who tout “off-market deals” are actually purchasing at-or-above market value. While there are four types of off-market deals, the only true off-market deals are direct to owner transactions:

Once we locate a potential opportunity, our decision-making process revolves around whether the individual asset is attractive enough in that specific risk environment to actually make that transaction happen.

While strong underlying microeconomic market fundamentals are essential, having a strong market is not enough. We leverage our core competency to create off-market transactions. We don’t buy markets, we buy deals.


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